BAS-RELIEF sculptures

What is a bas-relief?

A bas relief (or low relief as it is sometimes called) is a sculpture where the figures/s are raised from the background surface. Unlike a painting or photograph, with a bas-relief you can run your fingers over the figures and feel the shape and contours.

How to I pronounce it:   bas-ree-leef

A recent review:

I first met Marianne and her husband Mike when they adopted Doug through Pound Paws Rescue in Oamaru approx 15 months ago.  Marianne had told me she was a sculptor and when I saw the sculpture she did of Doug I was blown away, it was so like him and captured him exactly.  I asked her if there was something she could do for those of us with one or more pets rather than separate sculptures and Marianne came up with the idea of a 3D type sculpture known as bas relief. The one you see is the one she did for me of three of my dogs and I have to say it is absolutely amazing and so much better than a photograph, especially viewing it at an angle where you really get the 3D effect.
Marianne puts her heart and soul into her work and asked lots of questions, wanted photos showing different views of the dogs, and was happy to make any alterations that I asked for.  Being a devoted animal lover herself she knows how important pets are to their owners.
It now sits pride of place on my sideboard on an easel and brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.  I just love it!

Phillipa Hendry

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