Doug’s Story!

Hey everyone, it’s me Doug!                 

Ever heard of Pound Paws Rescue? I hadn’t until I found meself there.

Y’see folks I was supposed to be a pig dog but I didn’t do the job very well. To tell the truth I was right scared o’ them pigs. I mean, have you seen those tusks! Them things could do some damage an’ I’m not into damage. An’ look at the sheer size of those beasts! They’re bigger than me.  An’ whoa, do they have a bad temper when they’re bailed up!  Aw heck, I’m a lover not a fighter.

So I got made redundant. My pay-out was pretty good though. I got a fine trip to Pound Paws Rescue! Yep, I got to stay with a really cool lady in her own home. I call her Foster Mum.  She looked after me until I was ready to go to a permanent home. Foster Mum bathed me (apparently I ponged a bit. I bet it was the pig’s fault) an’ she taught me all sorts of good stuff like how to NOT wee and poo inside the house an’ an’, oooh, wait for it… how comfy couches are an’ how delightful domestic bliss is.

I got all learned up on how to be a gentleman and off I went to my new permanent home. Boy, I must be pretty special because these guys think I’m the bees knees.  I think they are too…but don’t tell them that, they might get a big head.

Thank you Pound Paws! 

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