The dog gods found me pretty early on in my life and I’ve never been able to outrun them.  My career as a canine behaviourist/dog walker/dog groomer spanned 30 odd years – and they have been odd at times.

I’ve changed direction from all that excitement to put energy into my other two passions: Writing and sculpting.

I’ve been a writing fool ever since I was taught to hold a pen. I loved to entertain family and friends with my ‘movie’ length letters as I travelled around.

I’ve had a few articles and short stories published and a play performed by the lads at Nelson College, but for a long time I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into writing a novel. So I did.

And here it is; the first of many novels to come. Two Dogs, One Bone is based on my adventures as a dog trainer/dog groomer/dog walker. It’s fiction. Ahem, let’s call it that, shall we? (Shhh…we need to protect the innocent and not so innocent.)

It’s about time I made good all those hours I spent gaining my Diploma in Applied Writing in 2006 from Whitireia online school.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand with my husband Mike and our two gorgeous dogs Chelsea the Airedale terrier and Doug the Beardie cross. Our dear dog Marty passed away at the grand old age of 15 and we were lucky to adopt Doug from Pound Paws Rescue based in Oamaru.

Chelsea and Doug are best friends, tight buddies. Doug’s a goodie two-shoes, whereas Chelsea likes to challenge my dog training expertise.  I might tell on her in my next book. That’ll serve her right.

About my Clay Creations:

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